Every plant needs patience to grow, step into the GRREEHOUSE and make things happen!

With the goal to create a bridge between Berlins creative and versatile working culture and its beautiful natural surroundings, the GREENHOUSE Coworking environment gives space to discover new ways of working in connection to nature and revolve the common self-image of normal working life, that always seemed to have depended on cities.


With the GRREENHOUSE we provide you an ideal space to make your business and your ideas grow. We give space for a wide range of freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and startups only a few steps away from the vibrant city.


Keep your childish playfulness and hang out with companions in the community barn equipped with a fridge full of drinks, a kicker, a table tennis and an outside trampoline!


The space is conveniently located close to lakes and a beautiful natural environment, so grab your bag and escape the city!